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About the Divorce Center

Divorce Centre ResourcesThe Divorce Centre opened its doors in June of 2005. The Divorce Centre was founded by John C. Menear HBA (Business) and LLB. Mr. Menear graduated from The Business School at the University of Western Ontario, and Osgoode Hall Law School. With a background in business and law, Mr. Menear brings both financial acumen and legal skill to the practice of Family Law.

The Divorce Centre became instantly popular as a focal point for people experiencing the challenge of separation and divorce.

Since opening, The Divorce Centre has become one of the largest providers of divorce solutions in Central Ontario, now serving a market which extends north from Barrie to Huntsville and west from Midland to Bancroft.

The focus of The Divorce Centre is to help you develop a fair resolution without excessive legal expense or Family Court intervention. We provide an on-call family lawyer to assist you with support, division of property and parenting planning.

If you require assistance with Family Court matters, our legal counsel is ready to assist.
Your children and your financial security are important issues as you move through the challenge of separation and divorce. At The Divorce Centre, we focus on the key issues that help you find the right solution for you and your family.

Our lawyers work with the Collaborative Practice Simcoe County, which is a private settlement process for separating couples of which Mr. Menear was one of the founders., We also work with the Canadian Equal Parenting Council, which has over thirty member agencies across Canada which are dedicated to ensuring that children have the benefit of two parents in their lives.



About The Divorce Centre

Our mission is to simplify the process of separation, separation agreements, and divorce in order to save you money, reduce conflict and stress, and ensure the fair division of property and wealth.


Why Choose Us?

Divorce is unfortunate but sometimes necessary. Our experience and compassion means that we are guided by the importance of fairness for everyone who will be affected in years to come..


Serving Central Ontario

The Divorce Centre serves Simcoe County, Victoria County, Muskoka Region, and all of Central Ontario. Our unique caring approach to the divorce process can help to ease the stress of what can be a very challenging time in your life, and the lives of you children.

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